Mobile Rock Chip & Crack Repair


New Orleans, LA

Why should you repair your broken windshield?

-Replacing a damaged windshield cost an average of $240. A basic Rock Chip Repair is just $50!

-Most insurance companies cover windshield repair under a comp/collision policy, meaning your repair could cost you little to nothing!

-By maintaining the factory seal on your original glass, you avoid exposing your vehicle to leaks, a result of poor installation.

- All Pelican Auto Glass Repairs are guaranteed to prevent further spreading, or your money back!

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Our goal at Pelican Auto Glass is to use the latest innovations and technology in laminate glass repair to help the New Orleans area stay safe on the road while saving money in the process. We strive not only to raise the bar and exceed our own expectations on each and every repair, but also to educate others as to why they should always first check if repair is an option.

Our Mission:

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